Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell is Director of Accessibility & UX Principal at Nomensa.

Over the last decade Alastair has become a recognised expert in user experience and accessibility. In 2001 he helped establish Nomensa, where he is responsible for all aspects of user experience work and oversees the company’s research and development objectives to continually discover new methods and innovations.

His key achievements so far include pioneering the usage of web standards within Nomensa and formulating and conducting usability and accessibility tests. Alastair has also managed numerous online accessibility and UX projects to ensure that best practice and user experience methods are employed for clients across both the public and private sectors, including DirectGov, British Gas, the AA and the British Library.

Alastair is an active member of several professional bodies including W3C, where he sits on the Authoring Tools Accessibility Working Group. He is also a regular contributor to .net magazine, conducting accessibility analysis for readers who request an expert evaluation of their website.

Inclusive User Experience


To deliver inclusive and authentic user experience we need to ensure our designs are accessible. This workshop will share many of the techniques we apply as we move around the design lifecycle. As designers, we can apply variety of techniques to ensure we deliver a design experience that provides an equivalent level of quality to as many people as possible. For example, right from the sketching stage you can check the keyboard access will follow the visual order, and whether screen readers need some hidden elements to understand your page.

“Inclusive User Experience” is putting digital liberty as a number one priority.

Reasons to attend

  • 1Spend 3 whole days improving your UX skills
  • 2Meet your peers and share new ways of thinking
  • 3See world class speakers from the UX industry

"I came. I listened. I stayed. Great event, great crowd, great venue. Learn, network, enjoy."

Don Norman Speaker at UX London 2009