David Sherwin


David Sherwin is the author of Success By Design and Creative Workshop.

Two years ago when Robert Fabricant spoke at UX London, I asked him if he had any other speaker recommendations. He had just one and that was David Sherwin.

David works with Robert at Frog Design and is such a prolific speaker, blogger and author that we’re embarrassed not to have approached him before. He’s written two amazing books, Success By Design and Creative Workshop, the latter of which is a staple in the Clearleft office.

He’s also presented an amazing selection of talks and workshops, which a browse through his speaker decks will attest to. So if you’ve not had the pleasure of hearing David speak before, get ready to be impressed and enlightened.

Mastering the Art of Participatory Design


Now more than ever, prospective users and clients are being drawn even deeper into our UX design process through the use of participatory design activities. These activities help designers better identify people’s needs, then generate and evaluate a range of design ideas—often in a playful and fun way that helps us rapidly construct and test design hypotheses for products or services.

For many practitioners, however, the use of participatory design activities in a Lean UX world can feel like a black art. This practical workshop will help designers understand what types of participatory design activities they can use in their projects, and get a little hands-on experience on how to construct their own activities for use in their daily work. Working in small teams, workshop attendees will:

  • Play with and construct participatory design activities for different types of projects and audiences
  • Gain best practices for facilitating, observing, and analyzing data gathered from participatory activities
  • Explore what technologies can enable participatory design, from rough digital prototypes to working within unique online venues

Workshop attendees will walk away from this workshop with a set of participatory activities they can immediately start using in their design projects, as well as a holistic understanding of when and how to use participatory methods for maximum impact.

Reasons to attend

  • 1Spend 3 whole days improving your UX skills
  • 2Meet your peers and share new ways of thinking
  • 3See world class speakers from the UX industry

"I came. I listened. I stayed. Great event, great crowd, great venue. Learn, network, enjoy."

Don Norman Speaker at UX London 2009