Peter Merholz

Peter Merholz is the Vice President of Global Design at Groupon.

Peter Merholz was one of the founding partners at Adaptive Path and ran their operation for many years. Peter surprised many in the UX community when he left Adaptive Path in 2012 to join a company focusing on Big Data. He surprised us again a few months ago by becoming VP of Global Design at Groupon.

Peter is a hugely influential voice within the user experience community, speaking at dozens of conferences and starting several of his own. However he’s also one of the few designers that has successfully broadened the conversation to the wider business community through his book, Subject to Change, and through his articles in publications like The Harvard Business Review and Businessweek.

Peter has always been a good friend to Clearleft and this will be his third time speaking at one of our events. Ever provocative, and usually on the money, Peter is the perfect person to deliver the closing keynote on day two of our event.

Reframing UX as a Profession


The UX profession is in a curious state. More and more people refer to themselves as working in “UX“, but when you dig deeper, there’s little common understanding of just what UX is, how it differs from related fields such as user research, interaction design, and information architecture, and just what is the career trajectory for a UX designer. In this presentation, Peter argues that UX in the 21st century must be reframed a strategic and leadership role with a distinct organizational mandate.

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