Matthew Ogle

Matthew Ogle is co-creator of This Is My Jam

Matt co-created the excellent This Is My Jam and before that was Head of Web Product at Last.fm. So he has been responsible for two of the best online music services to come out of the UK over the last 6 years. As his Twitter handle suggests, Matt is a digital “Flaneur”—a “stroller”, “lounger” or “loafer” who travels the Internet in search of inspiration. What he comes back with is a pocket full of good ideas and the technical ability to shape them into something amazing. With co-conspirator Hannah Donovan, Matt did just that in the form of This Is My Jam. We look forward to hearing how they managed to create an addictive new social network into an already crowded market, and come out on top.

Rebel Rebel: a case study on taking the opposite approach


Products we’re passionate about start by scratching an itch; we have a problem we want to solve. But with a marketplace crowded with options and the likelihood it’s been tried before, how do we approach it in a way that’s fresh enough to attract users?

In this case study, Hannah and Matt will share the thinking and process behind their product This Is My Jam, an unconventional approach to song sharing.

Learn about the benefits of (and techniques for) questioning established product and technical orthodoxy; the role style and trends play in product appeal; and victories as well as mistakes from the early days of prototyping Jam.

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  • 3See world class speakers from the UX industry

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